As a co-founder of Global Force Wrestling, Karen Jarrett has seen her name constantly in the headlines as an integral part of the inner-workings of GFW. While founding and promoting a nationally touring and globally recognizable professional wrestling organization is likely a far cry from the life she may have envisioned as a young girl growing up in suburban Pittsburgh, but she has handled the pressure and responsibility with dignity, poise, and confidence. Karen was introduced to the wrestling world in TNA where she quickly solidified herself as a jack-of-all-trades that would come in handy for years to come. Her time in the company saw her serve as a manager, an administrator (running the TNA Knockouts Division at one point), and in interviewer, among other job titles, and sometimes, just sometimes, a master manipulator as well. However, her actions have, at times, come at a cost. We’ve seen Karen physically involved in the past, and even saw her accidentally marry AJ Styles at one point! Be that as it may, Karen always comes back with a Plan B and seems to be at least one step ahead of her male counterparts. That fact is perhaps best evidenced by her masterminding the recent attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway on TNA Impact Wrestling, paving the way for husband Jeff to return as the full-time authority figure in handling wrestling operations. With the Jarrett family portfolio continuing to grow, and Karen joining Jeff in working long, thankless hours and wearing multiple different hats in order to see Global Force Wrestling continue to grow and prosper, we’ve only seen the beginning of what will likely be countless more positive contributions for a long time to come.


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