Professional wrestling’s ONLY male gymnast!

What do you get when a unbridled power of a great runner, combined with the astounding grace and determination of a gymnast? You get Timmy Lou Retton. Professional wrestling’s only male gymnast. From an early age, Timmy’s parents saw his champion potential and pushed him to succeed in all facets of life in order to keep him well rounded. Timmy Lou has ardently pursued his dreams outside of the USA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After numerous years of dominating and winning a total 30 championships in all forms of men’s gymnastics The “Excellence of Elegance” shifted gears to pursue his dream of dominating the world of professional wrestling. Through rigorous training from “The Geek with the Physique” Seymour Snott and “Mr.Instant Replay” ATL he has displayed qualities and ring awareness most spend years trying to obtain.  His natural grace and ability has taken him around the country such as, New York, Mississippi , Indiana as well as Boston Massachusetts. Speaking volumes to support the assertion that Timmy Lou Retton was born to be a wrestler.

You can support Timmy Lou Retton by visiting his Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/Timmy-Lou-Retton-442353339229904/?fref=ts and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TimmyLouRetton.